Unfried Fried Rice Recipe Because Why Not

What happened was, I really wanted a platform for water chestnuts that wasn’t take out.

This is my hippie high protein vegan Panda Express.

Up level your life. Start with water chestnuts. xo



2 cups Trader Jo’s Miso Ginger  Broth (in the box)

One cup quinoa

Cook standard quinoa style.

One package of haricot vert/cute green beans- chop into one inch guys

one shallots- dice

a few carrots – chop em

a good handful of frozen green peas

brag amnio acids

drizzle of agave (or more, who cares!)

sesame oil (whatever seems right for stir frying the above)

Stir fry these veggies. Add salt to taste.

Half pound firm organic tofu- chop it. Towards the end, add to stir fry, plus TWO BEAUTIFUL CANS OF WATER CHESTNUTS!  Toss with that flavor-ey quinoa. Garnish with scallions, feel happy that you cooked something delicious for yourself.

Also, if you are lucky, you have friends who love you and know you and send you the perfect things when you need them. When I was living in NYC and writing sad poems in cafes, my best friend sent me a bundle of pink chopsticks. I have taken them to every kitchen since. They make me as happy now as the day I opened my mailbox in the east village next to my neighbor, a very large blonde travel agent who was running an Asian male sex ring. I love a bowl of this, my pink chopsticks, and the way everything divey in NYC in your twenties seemed tough and mysterious and proof that you were ‘really living’.

I love my best friend for always reading what I sent her. I’d mentioned chopsticks in a poem.

One definition of friendship might be: person who sends joy/ whimsy when you can’t quite muster it on your own.  A  love boomerang that thwacks you in the head. Reminding you that delight is necessity for endurance.  Cha cha cha. xx


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  1. Maddie on September 19, 2017 at 9:34 am

    Praise be. More please

    • Amy on September 19, 2017 at 10:39 am

      It’s on, Mads.

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