Unfried Fried Rice Recipe Because Why Not

What happened was, I really wanted a platform for water chestnuts that wasn’t take out. This is my hippie high protein vegan Panda Express. Up level your life. Start with water chestnuts. xo   Need: 2 cups Trader Jo’s Miso Ginger  Broth (in the box) One cup quinoa Cook standard quinoa style. One package of…

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Doing What My Therapist Told Me In The Aughts

Dear God, Remember that time I told a therapist about my boyfriend who  refused to wear seat belts, didn’t believe in marriage and  liked a certain restaurant because of the full length mirrors and she suggested I get a book called Narcissism and Intimacy. So I went to a  Los Angeles bookstore and the clerk (bored)…

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Things To Know About Me

1. I love salmon colored roses. 2. I have been to Graceland five times. 3. My favorite vodou deity is Erzulie because she wears lots of jewelry and likes sugar cakes and champagne. HI ERZULIE! 4. I consider the Cyndi Lauper album, She’s So Unusual, a sacred text. 5. When I was little I thought…

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