Amy entered the TV world as a staff writer on Aaron Sorkin’s critically-acclaimed NBC drama, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, for its entire 22 episode run, receiving story by credit on two episodes. She was Story Editor on CBS’s The Ex- List and producer on Make It Or Break It for all three seasons. Currently, she's writing on In the Dark the CW.

After writing about the lives of teen girl gymnasts for three years on ABC Family’s Make It Or Break It, Amy took some time off to join the glut of first person essayists on The Huffington Post, the blog The Manifest Station and the journal, Red Light Lit. She contributed to What Was I Thinking, St. Martin’s (2009), Women In Clothes, Blue Rider Press (2014). And her first book, Amours Etc.Com was published by Marabout (2007).

She has performed at the Parlour, Sit n Spin at the Comedy Central Stages, the Comedy Union and The Hollywood Fringe Festival.  She has also appeared in various national commercials, but her greatest accomplishment was organizing a fundraising cheesecake calendar in high school featuring men, when that sort of thing was still deemed controversial.




Amy Turner